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Welcome to Clarisa Bernhardt's
*Interdimensional Exploration*

Hopefully my website will give you positive glimpses into the areas of Special spaces and the Super Places of your mind ...with info about visions, your intuition, sixth sense...the paranormal.... and how they can be used... to hopefully make your life nicer.

And I'll also try to present you with info that will be helpful to you in your attempts to launch a clearer understanding of how you may be able to actually contact members of our Cosmic family which includes Angels, Extraterrestrials/the Space Brothers....some even from the Pegasus constellation and some that use time travel to visit here....

Other Cosmic Family member communications I've received also include vision communications from Mary, the Holy Mother and how she wishes to be a friend to many... and not restricted only to a religious concept...

and perhaps you can use my guidelines to help predict and then avoid geographic earthquakes as well as to avoid personal earthquakes.......and why I've had an interest in them...but most of all....I hope you'll recognize the importance of making your own thoughts positive.....that's where you will benefit....

for the Power of incredible, whether it is being properly used to make things better in your life or the life of others ...with "Mind over Matter".... even using the power of your thoughts for "Mind over Platter" , that is if you are dieting ..... !!!

You have a wonderful sixth sense..You are a very important part of the Universe......recognize it...learn to use it...and communicate with your higher and inner dimensions...for the so called paranormal is truly normal....

And then after joining in Interdimensional Exploration... if you are interested to know more about your astrological stardust and your auras special glow, follow the inner link for more info. And also, check out the links to "Books and Misc." Thanks.

Blessings and light,
Clarisa Bernhardt

Note: This website is being added to and expanded frequently so
please check back often for new additions
or just check back to remind
yourself that
you are a very important part of the Universe !!!

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